Change Your Life in 3 Minutes

A minute can be as powerful as an hour, if only you use it well. We tell you how.


Research reveals that solving Crossword puzzles stimulates the brain, improves memory and ups your vocab. Also, it distracts the mind from problems and challenges the brain in a non-stressful way. Lesson: spend a couple of minutes a day working a puzzle. 


A study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Southern England showed that people who doodled retained more information than those who didn't. (Especially at boring conferences and seminars.) 


Spending a few minutes balancing your checkbook, noting expenses, and organising bills, will help you handle expenses, plan better, and also prepare for future tax work. Doing it in small installments also makes it a lot less annoying. 


In a recent study, University College, London, researchers noted that drinking a cup of tea, four to six times a day reduces stress hormone levels in your body. Here's a tip to brew it perfectly—leave the bag the water for at least two minutes, and keep the cup covered while the tea is brewing.



Dehydration is one of the key reasons of fatigue. If you drink less than eight glasses of water a day, you may be sluggish. Use every free minute to drink as much water as possible. Try it for a week and watch your general energy levels rise. 


Dentists keep saying it, and we'll say it again: flossing removes bacteria, prevents gum disease and the loss of teeth. Spent a minute or two each day to remove the bacteria between your teeth. 


Take the time to clear your drawers of old receipts, papers and trash you've been collecting over the months. Simplifying your life in any way can help on find more balance. 


Scientists the effects of laughter and exercise are quite similar. You may not have time for a full-fledged cardio session, but you can take out three minutes to watch a funny clip on YouTube. 


Breathing correctly can cure anxiety. The right way to do it: stand up, stretch and take a couple of deep breaths. Stretch your arms, back, legs, and neck. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it, and let it out slowly and forcefully. Repeat several times 


The USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) recommends two fruits a day to help meet your nutritional requirements. Apples are your best bet—they are rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C. Eat them with their skin on for maximum results. 


Make morning time planning time. Set goals, write them down and place them where you'll see them all day. It will give you a sense of control and empowerment. 


Not too much, but if you're going to have some candy, pick chocolate. Research reveals that we get an endorphin buzz from chocolate and an energy boost from the slight bit of caffeine in it. You'll agree, it’s a delicious way to use spare time. 


Sign up for a website that will deliver a new word to your inbox every day, then spend a couple of minutes learning it. In a month, you'll have a brand new, impressive vocabulary. 



Sitting in the same position for hours can be exhausting. Roll up and down on your toes. This stimulates your circulatory system, and delivers oxygen and glucose throughout your body. 


Studies in music therapy show that singing promotes wellness, manages stress, and improves communication. Most songs last about three minutes, so sing your favourite out loud. 


Lost touch with people? Make a short call to one person every day, just to say hi—it could be an old friend from college, an ex-colleague, or someone you'd like to network with. Repeat that call after one month. 


Browse the Internet to find a soothing natural scene as your desktop background. Studies conducted by the University of Washington have reaffirmed nature's restorative powers and capability to reduce stress. 


Research has found out that taking visual breaks can relieve sore eyes. Every two hours or so, look at an object 20 feet away for a few seconds. This will relax your eye muscles, instantly. 


Creating e-mail filters will help you keep your inbox free from unwanted mails. Make separate folders so that the next time you are searching for a super important e-mail, you won't waste any time locating it. 


Keeping your resume up-to-date means when a great job opportunity comes your way, you won't be rushing to add stuff.

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