Secret Signs That Show People You Rock

Everything from the coffee you drink to how tidy your desk is tells a story about you. Use these clever tricks to make sure it's the story you want people to hear. 

Recent research suggests it takes precisely a tenth of a second for someone to make a judgement about you — rightly or wrongly — and it's often more to do with what you don't say than what you do. Just by looking at your apartment decor, the pen you use in a meeting, the food you order for lunch or your favourite tipple, people make assumptions about your personality. The good news is, knowing how and when people are going to gather these unspoken clues about you can give you the upper hand when it comes to making a positive, lasting impression in a host of crunch life situations. Use this cheat sheet to ensure your habits and mannerisms are showing you in the best possible light. 

You Want to Impress The Hot Hipster At Starbucks

Do. Order an espresso with a splash of milk. This is slightly cool, but with a degree of integrity. You'll look more decisively cool, rather than someone who simply follows the flock. 

Don’t. Pick the newest, trendiest coffee on the menu that you can barely pronounce just to show off. This will just look too try-hard, and like you've simply jumped on the latest bandwagon.
Beautiful woman at work

You Want to Score Brownie Points With Your New Boss

Do. Show you’ve got a healthy work/life balance. A literal way to do this is to keep one photograph of your friends on one side of your desk and a picture of you and your team on another. 

Don’t. Over-accessories with pink fluffy pens and a diamante mouse. If you are battling the glass ceiling and want to be taken seriously, then a Barbie pen is not the best thing. 

You Want to Wow Important Business Clients

Do. Break out the posh biscuits. When biscuits come out in meetings, people immediately make an assessment of your company. Forget the plain ones and offer them the extra spesh foil- wrapped chocolate ones instead - they'll feel they are being treated with respect. 

Don’t. Pimp your font. It doesn't matter how bored you are of Times New Roman, draft a client proposal in anything else and you risk coming off as flashy, egocentric and lacking in integrity. 

You Want to Bewitch Your Boyfriend's Parents When They Visit

Do. Ditch the scented candles and stock up on seasonal fresh flowers. Gets the coffee or bread maker going in the kitchen to waft homely aromas throughout your pad, and hide any OTT party pies. 

Don’t. Forget to do a bathroom sweep. The bathroom cabinet is where old-fashioned in-laws will see what kind of person you really are. Hide suspect creams, your pill, and anything else vaguely incriminating. 

You Want to Connect With Your Smart-Guy Office Crush At Lunch

Do. Order organic where possible. These Old shows you've got moral values and that you care about something other than yourself. But keep it simple: try a lime-cooked tuna with an organic salad. 

Don’t. Go over the top and quiz the waiter about the origin of everything on the menu. Eating with a conscience is cool, but not if you start lecturing everyone around you. This will make you seem egocentric and will make everyone else at the table feel bad. 

You Want to Leave Your Hot Date Drooling Over Dinner

Do. Get stuck into your food. There is something about what you eat and the way you eat that will register with your date. Subliminally, men like to be with someone who can devour a plate of food, as it implies you're equally as passionate physically. 

Don’t. Overdo it. Let him know you're enjoying your food, but stop short of making moaning noises and dangling the asparagus seductively in the air. It's a date, not a Girls Gone Wild audition.
Beautiful woman at works

You Want to Shine Like A Star On Your Birthday

Do. Host your own party. Pour drinks, mingle and introduce people to each other, says Judi. Then be prepared to share the spotlight by letting your nearest and dearest toast you with speeches. 

Don’t. Be a princess. The worst thing you can do is not open your presents in front of your guests. Ibis spreads the message that your friends are just underlings who have brought presents to your altar, and signals you are a brat. 

You Want to Blend In With The Cool Crowd At Post-Work Drinks

Do. Order bubbly. This is a sharing drink and it's fun, fizzy and shows you're up for a good time. And by skipping the French stuff and ordering Italian, you'll score extra cool points. It's a little bit special, but not too expensive. 

Don’t. Push yourself into the group by being too dominant and ordering a round of pricey cocktails, If people feel they are being pushed, they back off. If they feel they picked you as a friend, rather than the other way around, they'll feel more comfortable.

Are You Parkophobic?

You know the feeling: you're on your third attempt to slot into a parking bay, while impatient motorists glare - or worse, hoot - at your dismal endeavour. Parking is superstressful and, in a recent Ford poll, was ranked alongside job interviews and meeting the in-laws as one of life's most nerve-racking moments. Apparently a third of motorists and 41% of women suffer from `parkophobia'. And while parking training might seem unnecessary at this stage of your driving career, many licenced drivers have had only enough practice to pass their driver's licence and so struggle to utilise these principles in everyday life. The good news is that you're not alone. The bad? Nobody can do it for you. This is sortie expert tips to get you into that tight spot! 

girls failing parking her car

1. Don’t get up to speed 

Screech into parking bays like Schumacher and wonder why you never get it right? Slow. Down. The slower you drive the more opportunity you'll have to correct your car if you misjudge the space, (Bonus; you'll he spared costly benders.) 

2. You be the judge. 

When we get our driver's license we aren't taught how to judge distance - this can be a huge problem for women. While studies show we tend to do poorly at tasks that require spatial awareness, recent research by the University Of Warwick in the UK shows that a shot of confidence can help us perform better, if a woman is made to feel better about herself, she'll become better at spatial tasks. So take a couple of deep breaths and smile – you’ll feel instantly more in control. 

3. Check your emotions at the (car) door. 

Of course with hooters blaring and eyes boring into the back of your head, it's easy to forget your hard-won skills. So what do you do when you feel yourself getting hot and flustered? Focus on yourself and on practical things such as your gears, steering and speed. 

  • Find a space big enough to accommodate your car, yet with room to manoeuvre. 
  • Park parallel - that is 'bumper-to-bumper' – to the car ahead of the empty bay. As you reverse slowly. Keeping a watch out for oncoming cars on your right, use the following two indicators to lock your tyres towards the pavement: 
#Your front door is near the car ahead's back 
#You can see the car ahead's rear through your back passenger window. 
  • Lock your wheels in the opposite direction when; 
#The rear of your car is completely in the bay. 
#You can see the car ahead's right tail-light through the left part of your windscreen. 
  • Once your car's rear is entirely in. straighten your tyres and ease in. Drive a bit forwards to centre your car.

Instantly Alluring Eyes

These are fabulous way to make your eyes more attractive. 

•Maximise your blush. 

Take a'creamy rose, and apply in a half-moon shape under your brow bone and over the tops of your cheekbones. You'll get a subtle sheen that draws attention to your eyes and makes your face glow. 

•Tap lip gloss under your, brows. 

Sounds mad, but patting on a shimmery pink gloss helps highlight and lift your eyes. Use a non-sticky formula (so lashes don't get stuck!) and blend in. 

beautiful model with alluring eyes

•Wear contrasting eyeshadow colours. 

It's a hot trend for summer, but just work with shades you already have. Apply a bright, intense hue (like purple) on your upper lids, and then drag a softer colour (pearly green) along your lower lash line. 

•Put bronzer on your lashes. 

Comb loose bronze powder through lashes instead of mascara. You’ll get a subtle sparkle that's so sexy for night since it catches 'the light. One swipe should do it you don't want any excess flakes to fall under your eyes.

A Scary Kind of Love

Stalking doesn't just happen to Hollywood celebrities. Here are the tools to deal with the kind of attention you don't want - online and off.

stalker stalking a girl

It starts with that uneasy feeling, when someone's attention goes from unwanted to alarming and they won't get the message. Rather than being simply annoying, stalking can be sinister. One in 12 women in the US will be stalked in her lifetime, statistics show, most times by someone the victim knows or once dated.


If you are distressed by someone's attention — if it causes you anxiety attacks, makes you fearful to be alone, prompts you to be absent from work or to increase security measures — it's possible you're being stalked.
Stalking is not a once-off activity, nor is it done by complete strangers, and it can come in the form of watching, pursuing and the sending of letters or e-mails.
A stalker may even try to break into your car or home, threaten you or your loved ones, injure your pet or show up at places you frequent.
Your intuition is your best friend. Is the person's presence intimidating, even in a subtle way? If you feel uncomfortable, read on.


Contact the police so it's on record that you've taken steps towards your safety. Try catching the stalker on camera. (Do this in a public place, and have a male friend beside you.) Take a photograph and threaten to expose him. Men who stalk tend to be insecure. Confronting, them in public is how you strike where it hurts.

An article in The New York Times quoted US security expert Gavidde Becker and criminology expert Dr Doris Hall advising victims to avoid the following when dealing with a stalker:
#Give them the slightest hope you might relent. Stay firm and unyielding, 44 Fuel the obsession with attention. 44 Try to explain yourself.
#Fuel the obsession with attention.
#Try to explain yourself.
# Meet with them.
# Accept packages you didn't order.
#Keep quiet. Tell your friends, family and the neighbourhood watch. This will keep everyone on the alert and offer you the support you need.


Victims can get a protection order against the perpetrator; The police can then make an arrest if your stalker violates the terms. If you're being cyberstalked, you can apply for an interim protection order. The police will then investigate the identity and address of the stalker. Remember, you are not powerless! Keep a diary of each incident, tighten home and online security, and avoid broadcasting your whereabouts wit geo-tagging such as Facebook's “Places” failure.

The Fact of Your Sex Life

When it comes to your annual gynae visit, there's no such thing as too much info. Your doctor needs to hear all your down- below details, which is why he or she asks you super personal stuff. You may be tempted to dodge the queries because you sense the truth could prompt a judgmental lecture, but that won't happen with a good gynae. Doctors have seen and heard it all. Their job is to keep you healthy, and they can't do that without knowing the answers to probing questions. So don't feel singled out or embarrassed. If you dish any of the statements here and they're nonsense, you won't get the help you need — such as effective sexually transmitted disease (STD) medication, suitable birth control or potentially life-saving cancer screenings. 


Whether you feel chafed, experience sharp pain when your guy thrusts deeply or stiffer yeast infections after sex, don't be weirded out by telling your doctor. Many sex issues have a purely physical cause, which makes your doctor the right person to figure out what's going on. For example, chafing could be the result of a lack of lubrication due to a birth-control pill messing with your hormone levels. Your doctor can put you on a pill that won't have that effect. Pain when your guy thrusts may signal an ovarian cyst or fibroid, two common benign growths that can be treated. And there are ways to avoid sex- triggered yeast infections, so inform your doctor about anything odd: tenderness, burning, bleeding and any pain. 


It broke, your guy failed to put it on or your stash was empty so you decided to wing it. You don't have to explain why you had unsafe sex but you must let your gynae know it happened. If not, you might leave her office without being tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea or HIV — all of which you can contract after just one round of condomless mattress wrestling with a guy whose STD status is a question mark. Genital herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV) are also a risk, but gynaes generally don't test for those unless you're showing symptoms or you've had an irregular Pap smear. Many young women assume their gynae automatically screens them for all STDs during their annual exam, so they don't have to own up to not using protection. But while your gynae is supposed to test you routinely for gonorrhea and chlamydia if you're under 25, not all do. And if you're over 25, you have to speak up. The consequences of an infection are much more frightening than the discomfort of telling a doctor that you didn't use a condom: chlamydia and gonorrhea, if left untreated, can damage your reproductive tract and leave you infertile. And HIV, as you know, is incurable and potentially fatal, but can be managed with meds if caught early. 

couple doing it on bed


Maybe you fudge it on this one because you're not a pack-a-day addict and you don't think that an occasional cigarette has anything to do with your lady parts. You're wrong. Smoking any amount affects your birth-control choices, puts you at a higher risk of infection and may alter your fertility. Women who smoke and use hormonal birth control have an increased risk of lethal blood clots. Cigarettes also wear down the immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to HPV-related problems such as genital warts and cervical cancer. Studies link tobacco to egg abnormalities plus a higher miscarriage rate. Bottom line: coming clean about smoking will let your doctor tailor your examination to your needs. 


Even a diligent woman might forget to pop her pill now and then. But if you repeatedly forget more than once per cycle, you're short-changing yourself by lying about it to your gynae. Not only are you upping your risk of falling pregnant, you're also missing the chance to try a method better suited to you — one you don't have to worry about daily. If you tend to forget to take the pill, your gynae will want to help you find another option. Luckily, there are plenty out there. The ring may be more up your alley because you leave it in for three weeks at a time. The birth-control shot is good, too, and effective for three months. And if you really don't want to be bothered by birth control, your gynae may suggest an intrauterine device, which can last for up to 10 years. 


STDs have a dodgy reputation. So while you may not want to own up to having one now or that you were diagnosed and cured in the past, you really have to banish the fear of your doctor getting `judgy'. Your doctor need to know if a patient has a recurrent STD such as herpes or HPV so they can help you manage those conditions. Your doctor can let you know about new prescriptions that can ease outbreaks or help you get a handle on making outbreaks less frequent. And if you've previously had an STD and received effective treatment, you're still not off the hook. Many women think, "Oh, I had chlamydia/gonorrhea 10 years ago and got rid of it with antibiotics. Why is it relevant now?" But curable STDs can still influence your present sexual health, putting you at a higher risk of Fallopian-tube scarring and infertility downs the road. Being aware you had chlamydia, for example, can help her figure out why you may have trouble conceiving in the future or what the source of any scar tissue may be.

The “Liar-exia”

The media has played a prominent role in influencing and reflecting the unrealistic and troubling societal norms as far as the thin female body is concerned, and many continue to capitalise on this by inventing ridiculous new diagnostic labels. "Liar-exia" is the latest.

The reason for women's secrecy around food deserves understanding, not sexy tags. They feel the need to be devious about their starving (or bingeing and often purging, or exercising excessively) in order to distract attention from what they are doing, which can have psychological reason. Not only do they deceive others, they also deceive themselves by not seeing their life and circumstances in a realistic way. Many will eat in public to try to convince others that they are eating normally and stave off persuasion to eat more. And secret eaters are as vulnerable as secret starvers. Secret eating describes what many bulimics and anorexics do — eat very restrictively in public but succumb to the urge to binge in private. 

Not all secret eaters are fully diagnostically anorexic or bulimic, though they may be on their way. Some are shy to eat in public for fear of being labeled uncontrolled or gluttonous. Many overweight people hold these feelings, as do those of normal weight who fear being perceived as otherwise. 

girl eats fruits for healthy diets

Ordinary women often feel guilty eating unhealthy food, especially in front of others. There's so much unrealistic and unhealthy pressure from society to be healthy that they feel embarrassed if they can't keep up. Research has shown woman can seldom maintain a "perfect" eating plan and exercise regime, and this can often lead to eating disorders.

Women are generally competitive; one aspect of that relates to appearance. This is what can give rise to what's being termed "liar-exia". The behaviour may also stem from fear of being judged by others as being superficial, or from having exaggerated concern for the opinions of others. It may actually seem easier to lie about your true eating habits than to justify your diet choices to friends and family.


The danger of secrecy around both feeding and starving is the preservation of potentially destructive behaviour. While it continues unchallenged, it may feel endorsed by others. But there can be other dangers, too - to ease their secret starving, some women self-medicate on harmful substances. 

In point of fact, there are many of models using unhealthy methods of dieting. Lots of the girls are on high-protein diets, and have one day when they eat everything; the rest of the time they secretly starve. The pressure to be thin is far greater - from the girls' agents and even from their moms.


The fact remains that body image today is a leading concern among young women. A survey says that 85% of women had been on a diet, compared with 61% five years ago. Our self-esteem has become entwined with our weight and body shape, and even those with a naturally high metabolism can pick up weight when this slows down around the age of 30. This requires watching what we eat, eating smaller meals more frequently on a sensible, sustainable plan and exercising more, if we want to conform to unrealistic norms. And those who manage it while professing not to do this, or posting DIPEs, may well be fibbing - and at risk of an eating disorder (see “Signs of secret eating or starving”).

If you are one of them, be honest and if need be get help. If you suspect it in a friend, be circumspect. Question your motives before you question her. Are you genuinely worried about her wellbeing or just jealous of her body?

And if you have friends who eat healthily and exercises regularly don’t tempt them to have the dressing or the cheesecake they resolutely resist, or to skip gym or a run, she urges. Be supportive or mind your own business - many lie about their true diet simply because others are judgmental, and you may pressure them into deception.

“Signs of secret eating or starving” 

Suspect a problem if you (or a friend)... 

# eats large quantities around people but stays slim or lose weight when previously unable to. 

# eats lots of sweet or high-fat foods and don't gain weight. 

# head for the bathroom after eating. 

# worry or complain about being overweight. 

# check in mirrors for imagined flaws 

# are a perfectionist 

# wear loose or layered clothing 

# take supplements for weight loss 

# become depressed or irritable. 

If you recognise a combination of these factors in yourself and have had an unhealthy weight loss, get professional help. If you see them in a friend, draw her out gently and nonjudgmentally. Tell her you are concerned about her wellbeing and suggest she gets help.

What is Your Brake-up Style?

We've all been there. Things were going great and then he changed his mind. Or he met someone else. Or he cheated. Whatever led to this point, the fact is that you're no longer part of a couple that you thought was perfect. And. It. Hurts. Like. Hell. 

Break-ups cause emotional pain and anxiety about the new single situation. We fear these changes and challenges and as a general rule, fear can drive us to develop coping strategies. 

But before you down a concoction of brightly coloured drinks in pretty glasses with umbrellas on the side and hit his number on your speed dial (over and over), find out which of the following is your break-up style — and whether it's doing you more damage than good in the 'get over him' stakes. 

man and women at bed

The Revenge Dater 

Style traits: No sooner have you broken up with your guy, then you're uploading pics of yourself and a new hottie to Facebook with taglines like, "Had such a hot date tonight. The best ever!" 

Why you do it: There are a couple of reasons revenge daters do what they do. The most obvious is to get back at your ex, to show him you've replaced him with a better model. The other reason for revenge dating is to try to quickly fix our damaged pride at being dumped. 

The verdict: Unless you've given yourself a chance to breathe and recover, rebound guys will only ever be that — flash-in-the-pan relationships. Unless you've given yourself a chance to grieve your old relationship, you cannot really commit to someone new. 

Style rating: 3/10 

The Dignified, Silent Type 

Style traits: You'll confide in a few very close friends about the split, but your private life is off-limits to work colleagues and more general, casual acquaintances. 

Why you do it: You believe that your emotions are private to you, and you want to deal with them in your own time, without fear of judgment or ridicule from others. But you also trust in your BFFs' opinions enough to take their advice. 

The verdict: This is a fairly positive response that acknowledges your emotions, without acting on them on a whim. It also preserves your self-esteem, as self-esteem comes in part from our understanding of how others see us. 

Style rating: 7/10 

The Nothing is Wrong Approach 

Style traits: Break-up? What break-up? You go about your daily life as if the break-up never ever happened. 

Why you do it: You want to prove to the world that no man will ever be worth your tears. You need to be quite strong to maintain a cool veneer, to appear to be breezing through without care. 

The verdict: The problem with putting on the “check out how damn well I’m doing” face is that you don’t give people a chance to help or be there and when you do finally decide you need to vent, those people will be over asking you how you’re doing. 

Style rating: 4/10 

The “Please Take Me Back” Approach 

Style traits: You figure that so long as you’re in touch, and therefore on his mind, there’s a chance he’ll do a 180, and come back. 

Why you do it: Put blatantly, out of desperation. Part of our survival instinct is to do anything to avoid a death, this time the death of the relationship. That is, you see it as a way of keeping the relationship going, even if he doesn't respond to your communication attempts. 

The verdict: Little good will ever come out of this break-up style. Once someone has made up their mind there is generally little we can do to change it, and calling him at 3am is even less likely to have the result you're after. 

Style rating: 2/10 

The Onwards and Upwards Type 

Style traits: Post break-up, you decide to focus on other areas of your life such as your career, your friends and maybe even travel. 

Why you do it: Working toward success in other areas will provide a buffer against negativity that can come with a break-up. That is, scoring that promotion or planning a trip reminds you that there’s more to life than your broken relationship. 

The verdict: Thumbs up. It’s important to find new goals and redefine your priorities following a relationship. 

Style rating: 9/10 

Would You Date a Guy Who Cheated on His Last Girlfriend?

Maybe she was just wrong for him. Or maybe he just can't help it. So, is dating a proven cheater worth the risk? Cheating is the number one deal-breaker of relationships. But what the dude may not have realised at the time is that it pretty much sucker punches his chances of a happily ever after with any other woman from there on. Or does it? 

girls and boys kissing

Finding out that the gorgeous guy you've just met has left a string of broken hearts in his wake is never ideal. Finding out that those hearts shattered because of his cheating tends to sound alarm bells.

But before you make a rash decision, you should take the time to work out the circumstances of his cheating. A lot depends on the context of the cheating. If a man has cheated only once, then it could perhaps have been driven more by his unhappiness in that particular relationship. But if he has cheated multiple times, it's more likely something he's able to justify to himself and therefore repeat across relationships.

But I'll Change Him

He seems perfect on paper — hot, successful, funny, nice to your friends. But then there's that part about him cheating on his ex-girlfriend. And the girlfriend before her. It's easy enough to rationalise that maybe those women just weren't the right ones for him, and you are. Possible? Maybe, but not likely. Women want to believe in the fairytale lover. We tell ourselves that previous women must have made mistakes that we won't make. A tiger doesn't change his stripes. Regardless of how great you are or how much you love him, why wait until he cheats on you to see the light? 

Can it ever work?

In a nutshell, yes. But keep in mind that a person who has cheated in the past is more likely to cheat again. It's not an iron-clad rule, but it holds up often enough. There are times when his cheating truly can become a thing of the past. Does he truly accept responsibility for his actions? If he's made mistakes, but admits to them, then that's a good start.

Sam inch Shaheem, a psychologist at the Human Relations Institute in Dubai agrees that cheaters can become faithful partners. Talk to your partner about his past and try and focus on the reasons why infidelity took place rather than judging him for cheating. For example, he may not have been able to break up with his ex for fear of hurting her feelings and that's why he cheated.

Improved Old-fashioned Dating Etiquette

Not that we're advocating a return to those cringe-worthy pre-bra-burning days when women only spoke when spoken to, had to be tucked up in bed (alone!) by lOpm and had never so much as heard of a zigazig-ha, but there's a lot to be said for learning not to give too much of yourself away too quickly. Here, the vintage dating tips tweaked for today's dating scene. 

The '50s Way: 

“When a guy asks you out, it's polite to give an immediate answer.”

The 2012 Way: 

A bit of teasing is fun — but only after you have secured a first date. Before that, he'll just find your evasiveness frustrating. Men don't enjoy being led-on — they want a date. If you feel a connection with the guy, accept his invitation for a date quickly. And be direct and tell him no if you are sure he's not your type. Save the text tennis for post-date games. 

The '50s Way: 

“Don’t break a date without a valid reason”

The 2012 Way: 

Not only is social gazumping just plain rude, it's also likely to land you in hot water. People are connected virtually. They post on their Facebook and Twitter about seeing you. How embarrassing for your date to see you went out with someone? Honesty is the best policy. 

The '50s Way:

“Be ready when your date arrives”

The 2012 Way: 

It might take you hours gluing on your falsies and perfecting that just-got-out-of-bed 'do, but he doesn't need to know that. Fashionably late is when a man waits for you at the door for ten minutes tops. If he has to wait an hour, you're telling him that it takes quite a bit of effort to look as good as you do and that's a problem: we want our style, grace and class to look effortless. 

The '50s Way: 

 “Don’t apply your make-up in public”

The 2012 Way: 

Guys told that preening at the table is a big no-no. They hate it when a girl starts applying mascara or lipgloss in front of them.

man and women first day
The '50s Way: 

“It’s ladylike to let him order for you”

The 2012 Way: 

Unless you're in Mad Men and on a date with Don Draper, it's uncool for a guy to order your food — after all, you're the one has to eat it. But if he's footing the bill, be conscious of going to town on the caviar and bubbly. Pay attention, he might discreetly suggest the limits of his budget. If he suggests the lobster and steak as great menu choices he is saying order what you prefer — there's no limitation. But if he suggests menu items lower in price or on special, follow his lead and do not order something expensive. Likewise, if dinner is your treat, subtly let him know if you're prepared to shell out for a slap-up three-courser, or if he should skip starters and go straight to mains. 

The '50s Way: 

“Don’t humiliate guy by trying to pay on the first date”

The 2012 Way: 

This one can be tricky. General rule: its fine to let the guy pay, just make sure he knows you don't expect him to break the bank every time you go out together. Let a guy pay if he asked you on the date. But offer to invite him to your favourite restaurant next time or to yours for dinner. 

The '50s Way: 

“It’s only floozies that ask guys out”

The 2012 Way: 

We've moved past the days where we have to wait to be asked out, but don't give too much away from the get-go. Take your online dating profile: if you list all your qualities, it puts you in a position of sales woman, asking men to 'buy' your product. Instead, list the qualities you are looking for — this switches the tables and means he has to 'sell' himself to you. 

The '50s Way: 

“It’s only proper to introduce your date to your parents”

The 2012 Way: 

You may not be living with your parents, but it is a good idea to invite a new date in to meet your flatmates — you can't underestimate their judgement. It's easy to get charmed by a bad boy, and once your attraction-meter skyrockets your judgment can plummet. So, introduce him to trusted friends a.s.a.p.