Don’t Flake Out Your Hair

Frustrated with dry, brittle hair? Dousing it with moisturiser and hair food won't help. The remedy is going back to the root of the problem. Read on to find out how scalpcare is haircare. 

girl stres of flake hair

PROBLEM: Over The Top relaxing 

It's common practice to tame hard-to-manage hair with regular relaxing but, if done incorrectly, it can damage the hair structure. Relaxers are made from extremely alkaline chemicals. 


Make sure you get regular treatments and use a good neutralising shampoo to return your hair to its natural pH after you relax it. 

PROBLEM: Hot styling 

Flatirons, hairdryers and other heat- styling products can do serious damage to hair if used excessively and without the proper barrier products. A flatiron, for instance, can raise hair temperature to 200°C — way past the point where essential proteins start destructing. If your hair 'smokes' on contact with the appliance, it's too hot. 


Use the lowest heat possible when styling your hair and make sure that you use a heat-protective serum to minimise damage. 

PROBLEM: Severe, attachments 

When planted or woven incorrectly, weaves and braids can be one of the biggest contributors towards problem hair and scalp disorders. Generally, women neglect the hair underneath their attachments, meaning it's not kept nourished and healthy. 


Weaves can be worn for between four and eight weeks with a treatment every fortnight. while a dry scalp treatment is recommended for nourishment. Braids and cornrows should last between two and six weeks, and hair should be given a pause in between to avoid a breakage. 

PROBLEM: Misdiagnosis 

One of the biggest dry-hair-and-scalp culprits is using products that are too harsh or aren't intended for ethnic hair. this Can use not only the hair and scalp to dry out, but could even lead to scalp psoriasis — a skin condition that causes severe flaking. 


Products with ingredients such as almond milk, aloe vera, and coconut and jojoba oils are always a good bet, as are most natural plant-extracted mineral oils. 

There nothing worse than a flaky scalp, so focus on that and not on the dry condition of your hair and you’ll fix both problems at once. 

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