Make Him Crave You All Day Long

Inspiring your guy to focus on a future tryst with you causes him to want you more....and more....and more. Find out why waiting can and should be the hardest part for him. 

Could there actually be perks to denying a guy salacious activities? It turns out that using wait-for-it strategy can make men way hornier—a technique called anticipatory eroticism: When you let a man know about the bedroom bliss in his future, he starts imagining the magic right then, which causes him to want you more. That added lust factor makes the sex hotter by the time you hit the sheets, which amps up its addictive qualities. Use these how-tos and he'll never get enough of you. 

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Once isn't enough

Think about how you feel when you have a Friday night reservation at your lave restaurant. You spend all week salivating at the mere thought of digging in, so by the time the waiter puts your food in front of you, you're ready to inhale it. That want-it, need-it, have-to-have-it effect is all about anticipation. 

Whenever you first experience something awesome, your amygdala—which is the reward center of your brain where you register both pleasure and addiction—lights up. Once your brain registers this type of pleasure, it remembers it and wants to experience that category again. 

Boost the Build -Up

One way to get your guy pumped to jump you is literally to deny him sex a period of time. If you continue to indulge in the same pleasure repeatedly, your amygdala becomes desensitised to it—a process called habituation—so not having something makes it sweeter when you do. 

Try holding out on sex for one week but letting him know on Monday that you plan on blowing his mind on Saturday. Then do little things during the week to get him excited, like texting him a pie of you in your undies or leaving a bag at his place with your bra peeking out. 

Another option: find a few new sex moves and tell your guy you can't wait to buy them on your upcoming one-year anniversary. He already loves doing it with you, so that added 'What's it going to be?' mystery will take his build-up—to new heights!

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