Ways to Get Over a Bad Day

Boss being a beast? New BE backed out of a date? Whatever put you into a funk, these easy strategies from top psychologists will help you to get over a bad day.

TACTIC #1 Just Leave

Sometimes, the quickest way to turn a terrible day around is just to get up and leave. It can be hard to shake bad feelings because there could be reminders everywhere of what set you off. Meaning, if you're feeling pissy due to your &enemy's snide comments, staying at the party where you'll hear more of the same isn't going to help. Instead, take a walk outside or head to a coffee shop. Taking in different sights can defuse your grumpy disposition; because you're busy processing your new location rather than dwelling on what was wrong in the old one.

TACTIC #2 Fake It

Numerous studies have shown that just pretending to be in a better mood can actually put you in one. When you smile, even if it's not genuine it sends happiness signals to your brain and makes you feel better. And look in the mirror while you do it it’ll shoot another indicator to your brain that you're happy. 

TACTIC #3 Veg Out

A recent study found that a bad mood can get worse if someone's mind is allowed to wander. But if the person is distracted, they start to feel better. A juicy TV show can distract you. When you become wrapped up in a show, your mind is focused on someone else's life and can't dwell on yours. Just be careful what you pick. Avoid the news or any sort of crime drama. When you're already having a dark moment, watching this kind of thing can sink you deeper. So choose something light that also holds your attention.

TACTIC #4 Throw a Punch

Exercising releases endorphins that work quickly to make you more joyful. But don't just hop on a treadmill, try a slightly aggressive activity. Doing something that makes you grunt will help you work through your frustration. 

how to get over a bad day

TACTIC #5 Wear Lipstick

Vibrant red, hot pink, whatever vivid hue you choose, wearing fun lipstick can do wonders. The reason: When you feel good about your appearance, it can make you feel better about other areas in your life. A fabulous way to get over a bad day isn’t it? 

TACTIC #6 Eat that Cupcake

If your day has been particularly hellish, you need a make-good. Treat yourself to something it nit feels indulgent, but it should be something you really love—like a fancy baked good or buttery popcorn. When you pamper yourself, it's hard to stay totally grumpy. Just make sure you don't scarf a dozen cupcakes or drink an entire bottle of wine. Over-indulgence can have the opposite effect. Because you'll now be feeling either sickly full or guilty about all those extra calories. 

TACTIC #7 Have a Mini Fit

A good venting session works, but who you vent to and how you do it is crucial. Choose a pal who's a great listener. But before you start, ask your friend to stop you when it's been 15 minutes. Any longer, and you'll start focusing on the negative stuff. 

TACTIC #8 Get Lazy

A sticky mood can send you into frenzy—suddenly, you think getting everything done on your to-do list will make you feel better. But that can just make things worse. If you try to tackle a tonne, it can bring you down more. Instead, pick a task that is easy to accomplish (like organising your lipstick drawer) but that also has noticeable results. Sick of your messy apartment? Choose one little thing to do—like wipe down all your mirrors. 


If someone utters these words to you when you're obviously in a foul mood, like “Hi there. It’s the insurance guy calling again...” or “Ummmm, are you PMSing or what?” or “Is that you’re wearing?” or “Wow! You’ve clearly stopped working out!” or “You look tired.” Or even “Sorry, we just ran out of coffee. Water?” you have our permission to bitch-slap them. Good luck with this get over a bad day Trick!

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