Instantly Alluring Eyes

These are fabulous way to make your eyes more attractive. 

•Maximise your blush. 

Take a'creamy rose, and apply in a half-moon shape under your brow bone and over the tops of your cheekbones. You'll get a subtle sheen that draws attention to your eyes and makes your face glow. 

•Tap lip gloss under your, brows. 

Sounds mad, but patting on a shimmery pink gloss helps highlight and lift your eyes. Use a non-sticky formula (so lashes don't get stuck!) and blend in. 

beautiful model with alluring eyes

•Wear contrasting eyeshadow colours. 

It's a hot trend for summer, but just work with shades you already have. Apply a bright, intense hue (like purple) on your upper lids, and then drag a softer colour (pearly green) along your lower lash line. 

•Put bronzer on your lashes. 

Comb loose bronze powder through lashes instead of mascara. You’ll get a subtle sparkle that's so sexy for night since it catches 'the light. One swipe should do it you don't want any excess flakes to fall under your eyes.

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