The Myth of Anti-ageing Cream

Now let's talk about the myth of anti-ageing cream. Jars of lotions, magic potions, grandma's advice, best friend's advice; you’ll do it all or rather, you've done it all. The threat of the signs of ageing showing up on skin has women shrouding their forehead with worry Lines much before the lines of ageing really appear. To top it off, the media constantly plays up picture-perfect images of faces that seem to have escaped the clutches of time. Even though your desire to be beautiful has nothing with adorning the 70mm space but it's an intrinsically personal desire. To wear your skin at its best every day or to took great even without a special occasion does wonders to how you feel about yourself, doesn't it?

beautiful girl with anti-ageing cream

Myth #1

“I think the right time to start using an anti-aging cream is after 30.”

TRUTH: Ageing starts as early as 25. Most women in their twenties believe that wrinkles can’t happen to them when they are so young. So, anti-aging creams don’t feature in their typical daily skincare routine. But on a closer look you’ll realize that fine lines begin to appear in your twenties, which will eventually cause wrinkles.

Myth #2

“Ageing is a natural processes; I can’t prevent my skin from ageing.”

TRUTH: The processes of ageing cannot be alerted but can be delayed by using the right product best suited for your skin. The earlier you start using anti-ageing products as a preventive measure, the slower your skin will age.

MYTH #3 

“I work out and eat well; I don’t need an anti-ageing cream”

TRUTH: Regular exercise and a good diet are essential for the holistic health of your skin but using an anti-ageing product is essential too. Anti-ageing products increase the turnover of skin cells on your skin's surface. By boosting the production of the youth factories of your skin, makes it taut and helps it look younger.


“Only women with dry skin have to worry about wrinkles.”

TRUTH: Wrinkles don't necessarily occur on dry skin. They're caused by sun as well as by stress, Lifestyle habits and genetics. There is no question your skin looks more wrinkled when it's dry, but wrinkles will not go away completely no matter how much of basic moisturizer you apply. Moisturizers are great for making dry skin Look better, but it takes far more to make your skin look and act younger.


“I have oily skin so I’ll never get wrinkles and that’s why I don’t need anti-ageing cream.”

TRUTH: Of course you need an anti-ageing cream! Just because your skin is oily doesn't mean it doesn't respond to environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution. If you have oily skin and fear-ant ageing creams might cause break-outs.


“Once you find products that suit your skin, never change them.”

TRUTH: The truth of the matter is skin types are dynamic and often keep changing. Do not blindly continue the same product even for the anti-ageing cream; check your skin type especially during seasonal changes to avoid skin problems.

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